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Don’t Forget Your Anniversary

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This Fourth of July, America celebrates the anniversary of our Declaration of Independence and all our milestones since that time. In this blog post, R&J’s Kyle Kappmeier discusses the best tactics for successfully pitching an anniversary.

Call Me “Curmudgeon”

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Jeffrey Gittomer said, “Your grammar is a reflection of your image. Good or bad, you have made an impression. And like all impressions, you are in total control.” R&J’s President John Lonsdorf agrees, and talks about how a slip-up can damage your credibility and hurt your message.

Why Hiring a PR Agency Just Makes Sense

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In the world of Public Relations, there’s a counterpoint for every point one makes. In this week’s blog post, R&J Director of Business Development, John DeBellis, offers a few counterpoints on why it makes sense to join forces with a PR agency to advance a business.

I Hate Cats... and Blogging

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Effective, strategic blogging has numerous benefits for businesses. Executive Vice President Scott Marioni shares some of them in this post, despite his personal aversion to writing them himself.

SkyMall Relaunch Shows the Awesome Power of Social Media as a PR Tool

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The power of social media seems to be expanding daily and can be used as a tool in successful public relations. See how social media helped spark the fire in the relaunch of R&J client SkyMall in this week’s blog post by our intern, Erin Ally.

Media Shake Ups

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The ever-changing media landscape is enough to make some heads spin, but in the world of PR this is our area of expertise. In this week’s blog post, R&J Senior Account Executive Tracey Benjamini explains why a PR agency is your company’s best ally to help navigate media shake ups.

Why Messaging is Important

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Our Account Director, Tiffany Miller, discusses why having a clear and concise messaging platform is important for building your brand’s leadership position in this week’s blog.

Lilly Pulitzer at Target: Epic PR Fail or Major Success? You decide.

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The collaboration between retail giant Target and Lilly Pulitzer, a Palm Beach-based retailer known for its overly girly and colorful resort wear and chic beach clothing, stirred up a lot of controversy on social media, leading to an uptick in fashionista hysteria. Dig more into the collaboration and the public relations campaign behind it in by reading Senior Account Executive Carlee Pett’s blog post.

5 Ways to Use your Press Release to Increase SEO

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See how R&J utilizes the press release to boost SEO performance in the next blog post on digital services by R&J’s Senior Account Supervisor Melissa Hoistion.


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How do you merchandise your results? In this week’s blog, R&J’s account director, Kyle Kappmeier, talks about the importance of celebrating your success and ensuring your client knows just how great of a job you’re doing.