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Weaning Your Team Off of the Tradeshow High

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Tradeshows often come with exciting product launches and a rush of activity; however, they’re usually followed by “post-show blues” as you, your team and your client return to the regular pace and daily activity. R&J’s account director, Kyle Kappmeier, gives some tips on how to take the reins and present your agency’s thinking on what steps to take to maintain buzz and build momentum.

Adapt Your Communication to Your Audience to Achieve Greater Success

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Before you start to communicate, the first thing you need to consider is who your audience is. When you know what your audience wants, likes – or even needs – and you tailor your communication to meet those needs, your audience will be much more interested in what you have to write or say. Agency President John Lonsdorf uses his experience at two very dissimilar trade shows this month to bring this point home.

Make a list and check it twice

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In this week’s blog, R&J’s Account Director, Kyle Kappmeier, provides his insight on how to conduct successful media relations, and it all starts with the media list. Don’t trust what’s automatically generated for you – take the time to vet the list and truly get to know the media. It’s time well spent for you and your clients.

What Your PR Agency Wants

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There are five key things that you, as a client, need to give your PR agency in order to maximize our ability to be successful, productive and profitable for you. R&J’s President John Lonsdorf outlines these five things in his blog post.

Public Relations and Fantasy Football

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The American phenomenon known as fantasy football has exploded in the past decade. With the NFL season already more than half way over, Media Relations Specialist Dan Capawana analyzes what similarities exist between fantasy football and public relations.

Apple Overload

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Apple’s recent underwhelming launch of the new iPad Air and iPad mini has raised many questions about the company and its dominance in the CE industry. Could Apple’s signature marking tactic have played a role in the lackluster launch? Account Executive Tracey Benjamini explores this idea in her latest blog post.

Best Practices for Communicating Healthcare’s Latest Mega Merger

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By Tiffany Miller
The hospital landscape in New Jersey changed once again with the announcement of the merger between Hackensack University Medical Center and Meridian Health. R&J Account Director, Tiffany Miller, shares best practices for communicating healthcare’s latest mega merger.

Want to Share a Coke?

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By Carlee Pett
Coca-Cola made a big splash this summer with its “Share a Coke” campaign. R&J Account Executive Carlee Pett explores the brilliant and highly-engaging campaign that broke new ground in the world of marketing and public relations.

The Importance of Consistency in PR: Why Olive Garden’s Rebrand Missed the Mark

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By Sean Hudgins
Casual Italian dining chain Olive Garden recently underwent a rebranding process, but it seems the company may have lost sight of its own brand value. R&J Account Coordinator Sean Hudgins offers his insight on what industry professionals should take away from the chain’s PR missteps in this week’s blog post

Be the Expert

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By Kyle Kappmeier
If you’re in PR, being an expert in your clients’ business is critical. It’s what informs sound strategy and gives an agency the ability to provide the best service possible; however, it takes time and effort. R&J’s Account Director, Kyle Kappmeier, tackles what it means to be THE expert in this week’s blog.